A Grand Idea

Grandly – The Strategic Grandparents Club aims to help grandparents fulfill the unique role they have in their grandchildren’s lives, especially in bringing them to faith in Christ.

Today’s youth face challenges to their human and spiritual welfare far greater than ever before. Grandparents can be a great help in facing those challenges if they pray, think, and act strategically!14650175_1203577249699252_3428602115180653909_n

Grandly is a network of grandparents who inspire each other in this great task! Through our website, www.grandly.org, grandparents will receive short posts twice per month. They will be able to:

  • Give and receive wisdom, ideas, and experience on such topics as:
    • How to work in unity with your grandchildren´s parents
    • How to intercede for your grandchildren and stay motivated in doing it
    • Ways to make ordinary time into quality time
    • Using your finances in ways that can impact your grandchildren.
  • Discover and post about tools to use such as:
    • Instructions on useful technologies such as: Instagram, Facetime, Skype or Snapchat
    • Great Christmas gift ideas for young teens
    • 20 movies worth watching with your grandchildren at each different age level.14680685_1203465429710434_5920464681152343218_n
  • Motivate and receive motivation by:
    • Giving your time, prayers, and counsel in service to other grandparents
    • Reading or posting testimonies about what worked
    • Sparking ideas in each other.
  • Connect with other grandparents and talk about common concerns like:
    • How to support a daughter who is a single mom
    • How to relate with your grandchildren who live far away
    • How to relate to your grandchildren who live across the street or in your house.


You will find this and more by joining Grandly – The Strategic Grandparents Club at http://grandly.org/register.

Help us accomplish the mission of equipping grandparents to influence the next generation of youth!

Strategic Grandparents do it grandly!


Pili Galván is the Program Director of Grandly: The Strategic Grandparents Club

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