Today Death Is Conquered!

The most important historical fact in human history is that Jesus Christ rose from the dead and conquered death in doing so. This article is not about that fact.

It is about how you can pass the fact on to your grandchildren. How can you witness to your faith? This Easter Sunday text them, email them, Instagram, or Facebook them with the pictures in this article. It is easy to do.

At the top of this article is a picture. You can copy that photo and insert it into any app you have on your phone or tablet. Here is how…

Press on the picture for a second or two. Your phone will give you some options. One option will be “share” or “copy” or something similar. Tap that. Once you do, your phone will give you a bunch of other options based on what applications you have. Tap the application you want to use and it will open. It might open in an address or phone number box. If so, put in the addresses or phone numbers of your grandchildren.

All you then need to do is press inside the message box. It will give you the “paste” option. Tap it and voila! The picture is in the text. Now you add your own message, such as, “O, death, where is your victory? O, death where is your sting?”  You can personalize it as well: “Brady, I saw this great photo online. Happy Easter!”

You can do the same basic thing with Facebook. Post the picture or share the article.

If you are reading this on your computer, it’s still simple to do. Put your mouse over the picture and right-click on it. Select “copy image” and then open your email program or Facebook. Write your message and then press the control and the “V” button. The image will be posted right into your message. Now you can send it, post it, or share it with whoever you wish.

The gates of heaven are open wide.

Let’s share the good news with as many people as we can.


Mike Shaughnessy is the Executive Director of Grandly and the Editor of the Kairos Youth Culture Newsletter.

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