A Revolutionary Idea

When I first heard about the “Do It Grandly Conference” being offered in Maryland, I thought to myself, “I know how to Grandparent!” I decided to sign up anyway and I sure am thankful I did! From start to finish, the day was a blessing! I was introduced to a revolutionary new idea.

The opening talks set the tone for the day. A young man, Ryan Petrillo, talked about his grandmother and the story touched my heart. His message, “Pursue your grandkids, Like my grandmother did with me!” was loud and clear.

Carmen Johnson, the grandmother of three, spoke on, “Why are we here?” She taught us the value of really listening and being available the way youth workers do it.

The first discussion group session got the table talking! We introduced ourselves and talked about our grandkids. Meeting new people with different experiences and grandkids of varying ages was a highlight. It could have gone on and on.

Mike Shaughnessy, the founder of Grandly, then taught about what “strategic grandparenting” is. It was wonderful. The points that stood out to me :

  • We are not assistant parents; we are youth workers!
  • Being a grandparent could be one of the most important things we do in our entire life!
  • How to think differently, like a youth worker would.
  • How to pray intentionally for each grandchild by finding a trigger to pray specifically for them.
  • How to use our time, our home, and our money as tools to share our faith story.

The final session of the day we chose a Grandly article to discuss at our table. We chose “Being Strategic Youth Workers.” We identified some awesome ideas on how to converse with our grandchildren of various ages and how to go deeper with them. The discussion was based on the Grandly model for a Grandparenting Club or Support Group. It is a great idea: simple and effective.

After attending the “Do It Grandly” conference, I can say, “I know how to Grandparent in a whole new way!”

Revolutionary ideas have a way of changing things! Like Strategic Grandparents!

Tina Delauter is the grandmother of 7 and lives in Middletown, Maryland.

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