Don’t Settle For Less

I, like almost everyone else, didn’t expect Covid 19 to morph into Covid 21! 

I have missed being a normal part of our grandchildren’s lives the last 9 months. When we were able to gather at a few outside events this summer and fall, I missed the hugs that we usually exchanged.  For me, not being able to embrace my grandchildren is like telling me that I can’t say “I love you!” 

I still send text messages like I did before but recently I felt the Holy Spirit inspiring me to do something more and not to settle for “the less” that has become normal. I sensed that it was important to re-connect with my grandchildren during the pandemic and reassure them of God’s love.  I wanted them to know that Jesus desires to answer their prayers. I decided to call two granddaughters to encourage and support them. Like many grandmothers, I wasn’t sure how inserting myself into their busy lives would be received. One granddaughter didn’t usually talk on the phone for more than five minutes. I texted to see if she would be available to talk for a few minutes between her classes that day.  She was walking in the arboretum next to her dorm and texted: “Grandma, I would love to talk!”  So, I called.

My granddaughter hadn’t met many people on campus because of the restrictions during the pandemic and it was a cause of underlying sadness for her.   I could see in my mind the trees and landscape as she pointed out the beautiful fall colors all around her.  Throughout our enjoyable conversation, it was as if I was walking beside her and we were talking in person!  I loved listening to her and encouraging her in her new adventures.  When I asked if she would like me to pray for any special concerns, she happily shared her requests with me. I looked at my watch after we ended the call and it was one hour later and I had an updated list of prayer intentions as well!

I am so glad I didn’t just settle for less.

Barbara Luea has 25 grandkids and lives in Lansing, MI with her husband Mike.

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