Prayer Warriors

When my grandparents moved, some of their belongings were passed along to their children and grandchildren. One of the things that went to my parents’ home was one of my grandmother’s many bibles. Just last year, I was browsing through it and discovered pencil marks with dates, times, and names marked next to passages in God’s Word. Next to a Psalm, I found my name scribbled with something like, “A prayer for Missy, 1996” in the margins.  

After showing my discovery to my mom, I soon found out the reason for my grandma’s prayer. In 1996, being almost two, I wasn’t walking yet, nor was I crawling. My preferred mode of movement was scooching on my bottom rather than using my hands and knees like most of the other kids. 

In that scribbled prayer, I saw my grandparents’ faithfulness to intercession. I had proof that, indeed, when they said they were always praying for me, they meant it. Even down to praying that I would leave my scooching ways behind and get up on my little legs and walk 25 years ago. 

Discovering her notes in her Bible was an inspiring moment for me. It has caused me to contemplate what the impact of their prayer has been in my life. How much of the grace, strength and wisdom that I’ve received in my life is a result of my grandparents’ prayers?  And, how much of the godly woman I am today and my desire to know and love God is because of my grandparents’ faithfulness to interceding for me, their granddaughter?

This has made me seriously consider where I would be without my grandparents. How amazing and encouraging it is for me to know that every day of every year of my life, they’ve been praying for me. My heart is full of gratitude for their commitment. I am confident that without my grandparents’ unwavering dedication to interceding for me day in and out, I would be a lot less “rich in the Lord.”  

I thank them endlessly for choosing to show up for me every day through prayer, even when we haven’t talked in a while because day-to-day life has gotten in the way. I’m grateful for how they instilled in me the significance of steadfast intercessory prayer. Mostly, I’m eternally thankful for how they have lived their lives completely dedicated to Christ.  I am one blessed granddaughter. 

P.S. Today, my grandparents and I text frequently. We send messages, updates and pictures of our lives. Without fail, my grandma always adds on a scripture passage or two of God’s faithfulness: “He keeps us as the apple of His eye” or “from strength to strength”.

Missy Giles is a talented photographer, one of 13 grandchildren, and she lives in Minnesota.

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