Grandly Conference in Lansing, MI

Grandly Conference

Are you a grandparent? Are you wondering how to pass on your faith to your grandchildren?

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Grandparent's Conference
February 24th, 2018
EAST Lansing, Michigan

Most grandparents are concerned about their grandchildren. They know that young people are at risk in new ways. 

Grandly: The Strategic Grandparents Club - believes grandparents can play a key role in helping the young by passing on their faith to their grandchildren.

This one day conference specifically addresses the challenges of grandparenting. It will inspire and equip those who attend in fulfilling their great role! It will help them learn to think, pray, and act strategically in the lives of their grandchildren.

When and Where?


Saturday, February 24th, 2018  from  9am to 4pm


At the Work of Christ Community Center

4828 Hagadorn Rd, East Lansing, MI 48823


How much is it?

$39 USD per person

WHAT'S INCLUDED? It includes conference material, coffee break and lunch. 

Our Goals

Our Content

  1. To inspire grandparents to be more strategic and effective in impacting their grandchildren.
  2. To connect grandparents to others for encouragement and support.
  3. To equip grandparents with several takeaway ideas.
  4. To offer every grandparent who attends a conference the opportunity to encounter the Lord.
  5. To provide an evangelistic opportunity for grandparents to reach out to other grandparents.
  1. Find out more about Grandly: The Strategic Grandparents Club 
  2. Learn what it means to be a strategic grandparent. Practical ideas on how to pray, think, and act strategically.
  3. Workshops:
    • Working with your children for your grandchildren
    • Handling your challenges (distance, money, time, etc)
    • Passing on your faith through technology.
  4. Faith, Hope and Love
    • What your grandchildren really need. 
  5. Time for small groups and discussions with each other. 


Is the facility suitable for wheelchairs?

Yes! Everything is accessible on one floor.

Can I pay by check or cash the day of the event?

Yes, you can, but you won't be able to pay with a credit card the day of the event.

How do I get in touch with the director?

If you have any questions please email and our director Pili Galvan will be happy to help you.

How can I pay?

Click the "Register Now" button above and at the end you can choose how you prefer to pay. You can pay with a credit card or send in a check.

Can I bring a group from my church?

Absolutely!! Wouldn't it be wonderful to share this experience with others? Talk to your pastor about promoting the conference and organize a group from your church to join us.

How do I register a group?

Have each person register individually and select the "pay by check" option. The send in one check for the whole group with a list of the names of those in the group. This way we will know whose registration is covered.

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