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This book could revolutionize your relationship with your grandchildren and the impact you have on their lives. 

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An interactive online course on being a more effective grandparent in passing on your faith to your grandchildren.

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What is Grandly?

Today’s youth face greater challenges to their human and spiritual welfare than ever before and part of the solution is grandparents who pray, think, and act strategically in the lives of their grandchildren.

Grandly, The Strategic Grandparents Club, is a network of grandparents and others placed by God in a key position in young people’s lives. We help each other move from fear to faith, from asking to acting, from worry to wonder.

The Strategic Grandparents Club is a network of grandparents who help each other do it Grandly!

A short video introducing Grandly

Learn what we do and how we do it!

Tools You Can Use
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Testimonies: Inspirational
  • Grow in wisdom on how to do grandparenting

  • Spark ideas for your own situation

  • Gain understanding about modern youth

  • Get answers from experts

  • Get inspired

  • Learn to pray, think and act Grandly

  • Get motivated

  • Receive on-going support by joining or starting a Grandly Club. 


Most grandparents are concerned about their grandchildren. They know that young people are at risk in new ways.

Grandly: The Strategic Grandparents Club – believes grandparents can play a key role in help the young by passing on their faith to their grandchildren.

This one day conference specifically addresses the challenges of grandparenting. It will inspire and equip those who attend in fulfilling their great role! It will help them learn to think, pray, and act strategically in the lives of their grandchildren.

Since 2018, we have run 5 seminars in Michigan, Maryland, Minnesota, and Dublin. 

Are you interested in hosting a “Do It Grandly” Seminar at your church?  
For more information about our seminar, please contact Pili Galvan Abouchaar at grandlydirector@gmail.com 

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