Our Staff


Grandly Executive Director

Mike has worked for over 30 years in youth ministry at all levels, youth, university, and post-university. Grandly is his most recent addition to a strategy for reaching youth that is comprehensive.

Since his twenties, Mike has been part of the Servants of the Word, an order of celibate men from a variety of Christian churches. He is currently the editor of the Kairos Youth Culture Newsletter and the International Program Director for the Sword of the Spirit.


Grandly Program Director

Pili is from Xalapa, Mexico, has a degree in Industrial Engineering, and began her professional career as a quality control coordinator. She has done missionary work in seven countries across three continents. She became the first program director for Grandly-The Strategic Grandparents Club in February, 2016.


Grandly Assistant Project Manager

Maria Luea is from Lansing, Michigan, and has a Degree in Urban and Regional Planning, with a minor in Law, Justice, and Public Policy. . She has served in youth work as the Women’s Director for Christian Youth in Action. She joined the Grandly Team in May 2021.

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