A Rescue Net

My son and daughter-in-law are doing a great job raising my five grandchildren. They pray regularly with them and open their eyes to how Jesus is at work in the everyday circumstances of their lives. Their children are generally obedient and respectful. On the whole, I couldn’t be prouder! (But I am possibly a bit prejudiced.)

Recently we were going to have four of our grandchildren stay at our house for five days. We drove to Lansing, packed everything they needed, and brought them to our home 50 miles away.

I wanted to maintain the pattern of prayer that my son and daughter-in-law had set for them. I knew that establishing good spiritual habits requires consistency. They used a daily devotional that had a story for young children, a short bible verse to be memorized, and finally a simple prayer that they could say together.

When we unpacked the car we found the daily devotional somehow had been left in Lansing. Suddenly, in order to maintain what my son and daughter in law fought so hard to achieve, I was facing a 100 mile round-trip. Just the thought was depressing.

Call it an inspiration, a lead, a nudge from the Holy Spirit. I went inside and fired up my computer. In a minute I was searching the internet for Christian children’s devotionals. Up popped multiple options to choose from: free and online. Hooray for modern technology!

I chose one that suited my needs and came up with a week’s worth of material in about 10 minutes. What a rescue net! It was a great week of seeing our grandchildren growing from strength to strength and never missing a beat.

I thank God for Christians who help other Christians through modern technology.

It’s why I support Grandly. It is an “internet” of grandparents helping grandparents do grand things for grand children.

Pray, think, and act grandly. You never know whom you may be helping.


Tim DeWaters is the grandfather of 5 grandchildren and lives in Jackson, Michigan.

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