Something Old, Something New…

The focus of Grandly – the Strategic Grandparent’s Club – is not grandparents, it’s youth.

The idea for Grandly developed when Kairos, an organization that works with youth, saw the huge role grandparents play in the lives of their grandchildren. We thought, “What if we could envision and equip grandparents like we do for youth workers?”


As grandparents, you have a great influence in the lives of your grandchildren. Just like youth workers, you often complement the role of parents without having the responsibility of being the primary authority figure.

Similar to youth workers, grandparents seem to have time to spend with youth that other adults generally don’t. You can just be there. You know how to play and, at the same time, you are responsible adults.

You can also be a role model to your grandchildren as youth workers often are. Teenagers, especially, look for role models. Yes, they usually look to someone who is young and cool. They know that Grandma and Grandpa aren’t interested in the latest trends or fashions and nor do they understand all the new technology or latest music.  Oddly, you can be a role model simply because you don’t conform. You are above the pressure to fit in. You don’t care what other people think. You are independent and in charge of your own time. And that makes you cool!

Not all youth workers can be grandparents, but all grandparents can be youth workers.  Grandly is a “youth workers” organization, made up of grandparents! It is just one more way that Kairos does youth work like no other organization.

Grandly: one of the newest, oldest, and coolest youth work organizations on the planet.

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Pili Galvan is the Director of Grandly – The Strategic Grandparents Club.


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