Jesus vs. Zombies

Ineffective. Disconnected. That’s how I was feeling. I’m a New Jersey mother of four and grandmother of six. With three of my four grown children living in western states and the fourth one about to join them, I was plagued by nagging questions. “Am I really a mother? Am I really a grandmother? How can I be effective in my role when I rarely see my grandchildren?”

Recently, I had the rare and wonderful opportunity to care for three of my grandsons while their parents were away on business. My daughter, Angela and her husband, Will, were already planning to move to Texas with their sons ages two, four, and nine. But before they moved, the boys were going to spend a week at my house!

During that time, four-year-old Harvey, who has many fears, often came to me fearful of zombies and monsters. I held him and assured him that in my house there were no zombies or monsters. I told him, “Sometimes, even I am afraid, and when I am, I say, ‘Jesus, help me.’ Can you say that, too?” “Jesus help me,” he repeated. Every time he was afraid, the two of us said it again over and over. It seemed to calm him and allay his fears.

But, there’s more to the story. After the boys were back home with their parents, my daughter sent me a text that brought tears to my eyes. “Hi, Mama! We miss you and Daddy! The boys love you. Thank you for helping Harvey be less afraid. Last night Harvey awoke in the night as he often does. He said, ‘Jesus, help me,’ and went right back to sleep. Until now, he would beg Will or me to go with him to the empty kitchen or bathroom. Now he just walks in slowly, saying, ‘Jesus, help me.’”

Disconnected? No! Calling on Jesus connected me more closely with Harvey, his brothers, and their mom and dad. Harvey found power in his connection with Jesus and so did I. I am confident now that if I watch for opportunities, God will provide them. He will then bring results beyond what I can imagine.

Alicia Montemurno is the grandmother of six and lives in New Jersey.

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