Better by Letter

There’s something special about getting a handwritten letter. It was more common when I was young, but now a handwritten letter is a rare treat.

I’ve always thought a letter allowed me to express myself more accurately and completely than a phone call. I used to send letters to my own children who were still living at home. I’m now busy sending these “love” letters to my grandkids. Typically, I write a little about some experience I have had and encourage them in their walk with the Lord. Below, I have shared a letter that I wrote to one of my grandchildren.…


Dear Maria:

Hello and Happy Birthday again! I just wanted to follow up on the little hand-carved, wooden man I just gave you for your birthday. It has a special significance for me.

I found the little statue in a small shop in Cuenca, Ecuador, high in the Andean Mountains. (I lived in South America working as a Peace Corps Volunteer from 1964-1966. My job was to run a medical clinic in a poor neighborhood.)  The people in Ecuador are mostly poor and they don’t have lots of “stuff” to worry about. But they have a faith in God that makes them content with their lives and gives them hope for their future.

During my time in Ecuador, I collected locally carved or hand-made wooden and woven goods. The little man was one of my favorites. When I saw this little man, it reminded me of Jesus the Good Shepherd. He has the staff. He has a little sheep dog next to his side. He appears to be intently looking out for something or someone — me!

With your artistic nature, I thought you might enjoy this hand-carved statue. I know you love the Lord, Jesus. You are learning what it means to depend on him — caring for you, leading you, helping you — to find the right path for your life. Be encouraged! Back in 1966, I didn’t know the exact path for my life, my whole life was before me, but Jesus knew. He had me pick up this “Good Shepherd” back then. I wanted you to have it so you can be reassured that he will lead you, guide you, and protect you just like his word says and like he did for me!

Writing letters seems to be a lost art these days but it really takes no special skills… anyone can do it!  You just need a willingness to express yourself and communicate a message. Maybe you can send “love” letters to your grandchildren this Christmas season. It may just be the best gift they receive.

Mike Luea lives in Lansing, Michigan and has 24 grandchildren.

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