But Now, I See…

I recently had a life-changing experience in my life; I became a mother.

A few years ago when I was still single, I was invited to be part of a new idea on reaching young people with the Gospel: Grandly-The Strategic Grandparents Club. Grandly has come a long way since I came on board and helped to take an idea into a reality. Many times I’ve spoken of the reasons why a young, single 25-year old woman would decide to direct a Grandparents’ project. I was a youth worker and I was intrigued by the project because I caught a vision for how grandparents could bring their faith to their grandchildren.

Pili, her mother Pilar, and daughter Lucia

My perception has been changed by my new reality.

I am not just convinced of the grandparent’s role in principle but also in fact. I realize that my husband and I are the primary people responsible for bringing my little girl into the faith, for teaching her about Jesus, and for raising a strong Christian disciple.  But now I see how much we need help.  I need my parents; I need my in-laws; I need the whole village. My daughter needs the whole village!

I said yes to a call from God to do youth work in a different way. I was happy to say yes, but now I am thankful for the grace God gave me to say yes. I see now that I wasn’t just led to say yes to a mission. God didn’t call me just to work on a great project. I am now involved in a new way. It is my own parents who are now strategic grandparents invested in my own daughter’s life. I see the value of strategic grandparenting in a new way.

For all of you who are strategic grandparents, I honor you for playing the role that God has given you in your grandchildren’s lives, and to my own parents, now grandparents, I thank God for the role I know you will play!

Pili Galvan Abouchaar is the Director of Grandly: The Strategic Grandparents Club.

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