Honor Thy Grandfather

September 13th was Grandparents’ Day

Early in high school I realized that I admired my grandfather more than any other man in my life. I am a recent college grad now, and have had the chance to meet many other men whom I love and respect a great deal – but my grandfather has made a mark on my life that no other man has or will. Here’s why:

He is the first unapologetic Christian I ever met. I grew up with Christians all around me, but he was the only one whom I ever saw consistently reading his bible. He knew what he was about – and his morning devotional was something he took seriously. Every time I stayed with him, his morning routine was the same: two pieces of toast with raspberry jam, a glass of orange juice, and the scriptures in front of him. When he was done, he would slide his bible across the table for me to read. When I decided in middle school that I should begin to read my bible every morning, it was his example that I followed. 

He is a man of character – never bragging of his accomplishments or pitying himself because of life’s challenges. He grew up in a poor family with an alcoholic father. As a kid, he did his dad’s job watching over the train tracks at night, while his father slept in the car. As an adult, he quit his job when his boss suggested he “cook the books” for their business.

It’s not like he never makes mistakes. He has been young and foolish and old and stubborn. However, he is quick to apologize and even quicker to admit he is not yet the man the Lord wants him to be.

I work as a missionary to college students now because I saw, in my grandfather, a real example of faith…and I wanted to make that faith my own. 

And to all you grandparents who read this: Thank you for being models of faith for young men like me. You make a huge difference!

For Discussion: think of your own grandparents. How did one of them most impact your faith?

For Immediate Application: thank God for that grandparent’s action. Then ask the Lord: “What should I do for one of my grandchildren?”

Steven Meier is a mission leader for University Christian Outreach, serving students at the University of Michigan.

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