Missionary at Home

Can anything good come from the Pandemic?  Although much of the focus has been on loss, I was blessed to gain a missionary opportunity in my life. 

In March, 2020, I received a phone call from my daughter.  She and her husband, both essential workers, were looking for childcare for their 29 month old since their Christian childcare center had closed due to Covid-19.  I welcomed the chance to serve in this way and began planning out a routine centered around weekly Bible-themed activities.  I was excited to speak truth into my little grandchild who seemed eager to warmly embrace each Bible story, art project, and activity we did.

To illustrate the creation story from Genesis, we had fun using a flashlight and “creating” by placing dirt, rocks, plants, small plastic animals, and water in a foil pan.  We discovered a variety of stuffed animals and even matched flannelgraph mama animals to their babies.

The next week we talked about how sin entered the world and separated us from God.  I used flannelgraph figures and a snake puppet to illustrate the sneaky serpent who lied to Eve.  I introduced a Jesus flannelgraph figure hanging on the cross and explained how through Jesus’s death, God doesn’t see our sin anymore…He sees Jesus in us.  

Another week centered on Noah’s ark.  I provided a large sheet of styrofoam, golf tees, and a toy hammer.  My granddaughter enjoyed “building” and hammering like Noah did.  That same week, we used a dishpan, a toy boat and a small watering can to recreate the Bible event.  She loved marching around the house singing, “Who Built the Ark? Noah! Noah!”

Through my membership in Grandly, I have been inspired by the examples of other grandparents.  I saw this as a mission opportunity to be intentional with this precious time with my granddaughter.  I am grateful for God’s call to serve in this way and delight in how He equipped me to fulfill that call.  

Judy Skiba and her husband, Bill, live in Lansing, MI. They have nine grandchildren. 

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