What Does Your Home Say?

When I was in elementary school one of my favorite things to do was visit my grandparents.  Their home contained what seemed to be a million different toys to play with and plenty of space to explore both outdoors and indoors. However, there are two memories regarding their home that really made an impression on me.

At the top of their staircase, on the second floor, was a tall (at least it seemed tall at the time) bookcase full of children’s videos and books. There were VeggieTales videos, books about holy men and women from history, bible adventure stories and even bible themed coloring books. At the end of every visit, all the grandchildren were encouraged to choose several books and movies to borrow and take home until their next visit. It was like our own special Christian library inside our grandparent’s house! 

The second thing I remember was the sheer amount of Christian art decorating the walls. There were scripture quotes, drawings of biblical scenes, pictures of saints and other holy people, and shelves with Christian statues and figurines. Frankly, I’m surprised they had room for all of it! 

Reflecting on these memories, I am so grateful for the strong faith that guided my grandparents to display Christian art in their home and provide Christian resources to help form our young minds. The visual impact of how they chose to decorate their home has really made an impression on me and helped to form my concept of true beauty.  It has inspired me to make my own home a place where Christian values are put on display. I am forever impacted by those formative years where my grandparents witnessed to me about their faith. My current faith is a direct result of the intentional love and witness they provided.

For discussion: What things in your home “speak” to your children and grandchildren?  What do they say?

For action: Consider finding some bible verses that have spoken to you or pictures of holy people who inspire you and displaying them creatively in your home.

Caleb Mattson lives in Lansing, Michigan and is a grandson.

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