A Doorway Out is a Doorway In

I consider myself a Grandly evangelist of sorts. I believe in the mission and want to see it become a “difference maker” in people’s lives. Getting the word out about Grandly is important, and all of us can do it if we respond to opportunities that come our way.

I recently had a chance conversation with two local Catholic priests on a Saturday evening. My wife and I had decided to try a new Mexican restaurant for dinner. We enjoyed a wonderful meal and good conversation. After we finished, we were walking towards the door to leave and there we encountered the two priests, both friends of ours.

As we exchanged pleasantries outside on the sidewalk, one of them asked what we were doing these days. It was an opportunity just too good for a Grandly evangelist to pass up!

I shared with them briefly about Grandly and our vision for passing on our faith to the next generation by empowering grandparents to become youth workers – missionaries to their own grandchildren. 

I asked them if they ever have grandparents share with them concerns about how their grandchildren are doing, especially regarding the area of faith. 

They both responded instantly, “All the time!” They noted that it was a common topic of conversation.

“And what advice do you give them?” I asked. 

“We encourage them to pray and pray diligently,” they answered.

“Great!” I replied. “But there is more they can do. Can I tell you about a program I have found that helps grandparents pass on their faith to their grandchildren?” It was a rhetorical question so I continued and asked them if they would like to receive more information on Grandly and the Do It Grandly seminar. I told them I thought it could be a tremendous help to both the grandparents and grandchildren of their parish. 

As we parted, I promised to email them the Grandly website link, www.grandly.org, as a follow up to our conversation.

I suppose you could say that our exit door from the restaurant that day became an entrance door into a partnership in mission. 

For Discussion: Who can I speak to about Grandly’s mission? How can I help raise up new grandparents to become missionaries to their own grandchildren?

For Action: Talk to your own pastor about what Grandly does and how your church might benefit from the Do It Grandly seminar. 

Ron Whitaker is the chair of the Grandly Missions Board. He and his wife, Kris, have four grandchildren and live in Jackson, Michigan.

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