Nope or Hope?

Okay, I must admit it. I was reluctant to attend the Do It Grandly seminar but my wife thought we should give it a try. 

We were discouraged by what the local school system was teaching, or in some cases, not teaching our grandchildren. It seemed to me that American society was removing all references to God and basic morals from public life. The church, in general, has been shown in a negative light by almost every news channel, newspaper, and magazine. In my mind, there was no way that one seminar with five 90-minute sessions could undo all that. 

I had all but given up hope. 

I am a grandfather to eight wonderful grandchildren. A few years ago, one of my granddaughters embraced a lifestyle that broke my heart. It was one that challenged me. “Do I play along with something I was sure would do her damage or do I say something?” Ultimately, I chose to say something. I told her “I love you, but I cannot support your choice.” 

I was deeply saddened by this situation and did not know how to address it. I kept asking myself, “What can I do to truly help this granddaughter?”

The Do It Grandly seminar wasted no time in answering my question. In the first session, the presenter explained how the Metrodome Stadium in Minneapolis held up its roof with just positive air pressure. As a result, they did not have to worry about insects getting in because the force of the air blew them back out. In essence, the positive pressure kept the “bad stuff” out of the stadium. 

He compared this to our relationship with our grandchildren.  If we fill them up with good things like faith in God, love, compassion, and truth, it will help to keep the “bugs” out. 

It was an immense relief for me to learn that a grandfather’s job is not to worry and fret as I had been doing for so long. Rather, it is to help instill the “good things” in my grandchildren that will keep the “bad stuff” out. That I can do! 

I think Grandly’s ministry is wonderful. I wish it had been around a few decades ago.

The grandfather’s name has been withheld at his request. He has many grandchildren and recently completed a Do It Grandly seminar in Michigan.

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