The Do It Grandly ™ Seminar

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Take the online seminar in the comfort of your home and at your own pace (Receive access to the content for 6 months)

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Includes participating in an online discussion group where you can share ideas and insights and meet grandparents from different places!

Price: $40 per person (if this is unaffordable contact us!)

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The Do It Grandly ™ seminar presents a bold vision for grandparents who want to pass on their faith. You can be a missionary to your own grandchildren. Learn how!

Grandly helps grandparents like me to fulfill the Lord’s command (see Deuteronomy 4:9) to pass on our faith to our children’s children… I have found with my six grandchildren that Grandly is one of the best practical resources for doing just that!”

Jeff Smith – President, The Word Among Us.

“Grandparents are important people in their grandchildren’s lives. Grandly helps us maximize the good we can do in helping them find and follow the Lord. I’m grateful for Grandly.”

Ralph Martin – President, Renewal Ministries.


Seminar Overview:

Sessions 2-5 of the seminar take a “deep dive” into the material.

Session 2: Renewing Hope 

“I am concerned about my grandchildren and the world they are growing up in!” Could you use more hope? “Yes!” What is that hope? How you can grow in it.

Session 3: Grandparenting and Youth Work: The Perfect Partnership

You are in a unique position to help your own grandchildren, especially if you learn some youth work skills. Grandly is the program that equips you with those skills.

Session 4: The Strategic Grandparent.

Good intentions are not enough. This session will provide you with 30 ways to think differently, pray effectively, and act strategically. You can pass on your faith!

Session 5: Faith to Move Grandchildren: 

What is your faith? This session helps you identify the three-fold faith that you have and the ways you can pass it on successfully!

All four sessions include free materials that will help you put new ideas into action.

“What if the most important thing you will ever do in your entire life is still in front of you?”