Grandparents Seminar

"Do It Grandly" Seminar

Grandly: The Strategic Grandparents Club has a seminar where we impart our vision to grandparents on the importance of their role and where we give them practical wisdom on how to use this role to pass on their faith to their grandchildren. 


The goals for hosting a “Do It Grandly” Seminar to grandparents in a local church are:

  1. Vision for how helping grandparents to think, pray, and act strategically,you can reach your own young people who need to hear the Gospel. Grandparents are in a unique position to pass on the faith to their grandchildren – possibly in an even more effective way than youth workers are! 
  2. To equip grandparents with several takeaway, actionable ideas. 
  3. To connect grandparents to each other for encouragement and support. As follow-up, the Grandly website,, gives them ongoing ideas and inspiration.
  4. To offer an opportunity for every grandparent who attends to encounter the Lord especially through prayer.

Are you interested in hosting a “Do It Grandly” Seminar at your church?  
In Grandly we say we are recruiting 10,000 youth workers, all of whom are over the age of 55. This seminar is a great way to envision and equip grandparents on this role, and to continue to evangelize the next generation.
To get more information about our seminar, please contact Pili Galvan Abouchaar at 

Photo from the “Do It Grandly” Seminar in Lansing, Michigan on February 2018.

Watch this space for upcoming seminars.