Ideas for Articles

Below are some of the topics we need covered for the Grandly website.

Testimonies: anything that is inspiring and tells a short story that makes a point

  1. Surprise: any story that has a positive surprise.
  2. How I shared my faith with my grandson/granddaughter.
  3. Some way that God has changed or inspired you to be a better grandparent.
  4. On an answered prayer for your grandchildren.
  5. Maximizing a magic moment!
  6. “I’d never have thought of this, but it worked.”
  7. Anything that gave you or your grandchildren more virtue: patience, courage, faith, hope, love, wisdom, self control…
  8. How I started a conversation about Christ, church, prayer, faith, good and evil, with your grandchild.
  9. How you took advantage of giving your grandchildren a ride – What to talk about / What to listen to
  10. Ideas on how to get your grandchildren’s attention


  1. What is Skype? Facetime? How can it help you? (You need not explain everything but include a link to a site that gets them started.)
  2. Using Instagram or Facebook
  3. Creative texting
  4. Tools to help you pray for your grandchildren.
  5. Ways to remember to pray for your grandchildren.
  6. Communication tools
  7. Links to the best gifts to give to young teenage girls/boys.
  8. List of helpful books for your grandchildren to read, in their different stages of life. E.g.: ten great books to read to eight-year-olds.
  9. Ideas on what to do with your grandchildren over a week or a weekend.
  10. Ideas for grandparents who can’t leave their home anymore.
  11. Ideas on how you stay in touch with your grandchildren living far away from you.
  12. Great movies every kid should see.
  13. Review Guideposts for their ideas on:


  1. The strategic grandparent and the value of it.
    • Why is it important to be strategic?
    • What does it mean to be strategic?
    • How can you be strategic?
    • Steps to become strategic in praying, thinking, acting.
  2. What your grandchildren are interested in (articles on their different ages)
  3. Motivation for other grandparents: You can do this! You can have an impact!
  4. How to develop a great relationship with your grandchild.
  5. How to work in unity with the parents of your grandchildren.

Understanding Youth

  1. Main ways of communication between young people nowadays
  2. Social Media and the effect it has on youth
  3. Technology and youth
  4. What your grandchildren go through on their schools nowadays
  5. What kind of spiritual warfare your grandkids are going through
  6. The lies that the world tells your grandkids (about beauty, about God, about marriage, about sexuality, about faith, about values, about modesty, about church, etc.)