The Do It Grandly Seminar

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The Do It Grandly seminar presents a bold vision for grandparents, helping them fulfill the commandment to pass on their faith (Dt. 4:9). You can be a missionary to your own grandchildren. Learn how!

Session 1: A Bold Vision for Grandparenting

What is the Do It Grandly seminar? This session introduces the basic concepts that are developed in detail in the other sessions. It connects you to our enrollment portal so you can take the rest of the seminar.

Session 2: Renewing Hope 

A common struggle that grandparents have is with hope. Many say, “I would not want to have to raise children today.” What is needed is hope, the virtue that helps us say, “Yes!” rather than “Ugh.” What is that hope? How do we grow in it?

Session 3: Grandparenting and Youth Work: The Perfect Partnership

Young people face unheard of challenges today. This session helps grandparents see how they are in a perfect position to help their own grandchildren especially when they apply some youth ministry skills along the way.

Session 4: The Strategic Grandparent.

This is a “how to” talk about becoming strategic and not just having good intentions. The session is full of inspiring ideas on how to think differently, pray effectively, and act strategically. It is a call to stop worrying about your grandchildren and start working with them.

Session 5: Faith to Move Grandchildren:

You can pass on your faith when you answer these questions: What is faith? How do you pass it on? Knowing what you are trying to do, helps you succeed in doing it!

All four sessions include free materials that will help grandparents easily put new ideas into action.

“What if the most important thing you will ever do in your entire life is still in front of you?” 


The Youth Culture Seminar

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Your grandchildren are affected by youth culture just as we were. This seminar examines when, how, and why youth culture developed, what is happening right now and how it is impacting your grandchildren.

You can be a youth worker!