The Grandly Seminar

Grandly can equip you to run a Grandly Seminar so that you may share the vision of strategic grandparenting with others around you.

Dallas, Texas grandfather, Jimmy Gue, heard about Grandly before the project was launched last December. Jimmy has convictions about the role of grandparents and states, “Too many grandparents have settled into a pattern of babysitting and gift-giving. They miss the opportunity to powerfully impact their grandchildren.”

Knowing that he wanted to get the word out about the positive impact grandparents can have on their grandchildren, Jimmy sent for the seminar materials available through Grandly. He approached his church pastor and the parish council about the possibility of hosting a seminar. They all welcomed the idea! Jimmy became the first to host a Grandly Seminar in his local parish. He presented the one-hour discussion to 29 members of the senior group at his church using the video and brochures provided.

Jimmy hoped to inspire them to respond in a concrete way to the following scripture: “Even when I am old and gray, do not forsake me, O God, till I declare your power to the next generation, your might to all who are to come.” -Psalm 71:18

He also shared from his heart about the difference grandparents can make in the lives of their grandchildren. “The grandparenting role is Bible-based,” he said. “We have a unique role. Parents can be so busy making a living that it can be hard for them to find enough quality time for their children. The grandparents’ role is to fill in the gap.” He explained what it meant to be a strategic grandparent. “All of you,” he said, “can make a difference in your grandchildren’s relationship with Christ. As in the opening of the Olympic Games, we are passing the torch.” The idea of strategic grandparenting was new to those at the seminar, but their response was very positive and enthusiastic.

If you’re considering staging a Grandly Seminar, remember Jimmy’s appeal to the seniors he presented to: The stakes are high. The spiritual challenges facing children are getting stronger and the worst thing we can do is to do nothing.

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Editing and Writing by Su Butler.

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