A Great Gift

Christmas is a great time to be a grandparent. It’s the time when we can most easily express the great gift of love.

Will you be seeing your grandchildren soon? Today is a great day to plan what you will do with them. Here is one recommendation: read to them. With young children, you have a hard time beating reading as an activity. And in the Christmas season, there is a great story to be told and many books which tell it.

Here are a few for young children. (Click on the picture to open a description.)








Children who are tweens and teens might find some of these short stories fascinating to hear. They are stories that could lead to a great discussion.

You may find The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe better if you have 3 hours to read over the course of a few days. This could be a memory-making experience now or when they come to visit for a long weekend or a week.

And finally, in an act of brazen self-promotion, may I recommend a short book, Simeon’s Puzzle,  for older teens. It can be read in under an hour. It is written by “yours truly” and is set in Jerusalem 2000 years ago. It had been revealed to Simeon that he would see the Messiah before he died. but now he is old and more and more wondering, how will he be able to identify the Messiah?

Amazon has all of these books and most of them are available as e-books, that means you can get them instantly and read them to your grandchildren using your tablet, smartphone, or computer.


For Discussion

Have you given any forethought to what you will do with your grandchildren to pass on your faith this Christmas?

For Action

Find a couple of good short Christmas stories and set up a time to read them to your grandchildren.


Mike Shaughnessy lives in Lansing, Michigan and is the founder of Grandly: The Strategic Grandparents Club

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