Our Father in Heaven

This is a testimony based on our Faith Part 1 – Experience of God article.

When my youngest brother was 4 years old, our family vacation travels involved flying on an airplane. As soon as we landed, he asked my mom: If God is in heaven, and heaven is up in the sky, why didn’t I see Him from the plane?”

I was 12 years old and still remember this moment because my other brother and I laughed at his question. Now, the depth of my little brother’s question surprises me. He was wondering why, if my parents had taught him to pray to our Father in Heaven, he had not seen Him while flying up there. My brother often asked my parents challenging questions along those same lines. He always wanted to know “WHY?”

WHY is this a relevant WHY anecdote?

Young children are great observers; they have a deep sense of wonder and a profound perception of beauty. They are curious and imaginative and in awe of the world that surrounds them. By asking “why,” they are putting together their understanding of that world and taking the first steps in their search for wisdom. This presents a perfect opportunity for grandparents to provide helpful answers and guide grandchildren in their search for God. During those early years, you can help harness their curiosity and perceptiveness to encounter God and to experience His love by guiding their thoughts with your answers.

My brother Jose Miguel De Bleser

As members of Grandly, you are developing a mindset and gaining tools to help play an active role in your grandchildren’s spiritual life. It’s easy to miss the opportunity for evangelization when we are not strategic in our pursuit and recognition of it. By being attentive to your grandchild’s questions, you can help them experience God.

Their questions might be surprising and your answers will definitely require patience and intentionality – but in the end you will be amazed at your grandchild’s understanding and receptivity.

As for my brother, I do not remember the exact answer my mom gave, but it must have been a satisfying one since he has remained a faithful Christian – and also wants to be a pilot.

Pili De Bleser is an MBA graduate who lives in Xalapa, Mexico. She is the oldest of 9 grandchildren and has amazing grandparents!

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