Show Me The Money

I have a wonderful relationship with my daughter, her husband, and their three children. My 13-year-old grandson and my 10-year-old granddaughter are now old enough to attend a Christian summer camp. 

Because I prefer to use my money for good things, I eagerly offered to pay the cost of the camp for them.  My daughter and son-in-law gladly accepted and made the necessary arrangements for my grandchildren to attend.

Like many Christian summer camps, this one helped them become more familiar with God’s Word through a bible study every morning. My grandchildren were taught how to have a better prayer life and to pray more often. They learned how to live with others, putting others’ needs above their own, and of course, they learned the basic skills that are a part of a camping experience — like how to roast marshmallows and not do stupid things!

After the camp, parents were invited to bring their children to a post-camp testimonial meeting.  I wasn’t present but I got the full report; my daughter told me about it with great joy and wonder!  She and her husband were so proud when both of their children, unprompted, went forward at the time for sharing and spoke in front of 300 people.  My grandson told those in attendance that he had asked the Holy Spirit for the gift of discernment because he wanted to be able to help other people. (I laughed when I heard this because it takes a gift of discernment to pray for discernment!)  My granddaughter requested the gift of praying “in the Holy Spirit.”
Just hearing from my daughter about her children’s experiences would have been enough satisfaction for me.  However, there was an added bonus when the grandchildren themselves called grandpa and thanked him for helping them go to summer camp where they learned to know and serve God better.

Money well spent, I say!

Bill Navarre is the grandfather of 13 and lives in Clark Lake, Michigan.

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